MTI Systems entered the ‘Storage’ business in 1999. Already thirteen (13) years in the industry as a partner of the world’s largest manufacturers, is considered as a veteran of the business, but as a beginner in the enthusiasm of how committed our company is to our customers and our suppliers .
MTI started with the pioneer of the NAS Storage type of systems  Network Appliance and implemented some of the first and largest installations in Greece when few people knew what a storage system was.
MTI strongly believed in the pioneering technology that NetApp brought to the world of storage as NetApp solutions catered more on the Data Management part of the equation while it’s main competitors were talking about the connectivity and the speed of the protocols of connectivity.
Obvious it was who was correct, is the proof that NetApp has a year over year increase in its business which is more than 25%, with a forecasted retaining of growth for the next 3-4 quarters , it is clear who is and who will soon be the undisputed leader.
MTI today retains NetApp’s top certifications for implementing storage solutions and supporting the customers on behalf of NetApp.