Protect your critical applications with continuous availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions.

MTI Systems is the champion in DRP implementations in Greece having designed, implemented and supporting  more than forty (40) installations in customers in all fields of the market in Greece.

Disaster recovery planning is an ever important business practice, since data is one of the world’s most valuable asset for companies, banks, government.
Protecting your data against natural disasters and malicious acts alike, is an ever more increasingly important decision to make, for small, medium, and large companies alike.
Disaster recovery in our opinion is divided in two types, one is business continuance in the sense that you make sure that all of your processes, servers, clients and data are replicated in a distant site and can be backed up and running in the minimum of time. This requires the creation of two absolutely similar and equivalent sites/ data centers that are replicated synchronously. The other type of disaster recovery is the so called ‘’data disaster recovery ‘’ whereby a company replicates it’s data asynchronously ie with some time delay, and in case of disaster, it has its fullest possible set of data and can come back in full operations within 24 or more hours.
In all scenarios, our DRP planning is based on the world’s top replication solution which is NetApp’s  Snapmirror technology which is also the most popular DRP solution with a worldwide market share that exceeds 40% right now.
With Snapmirror we are able to design synchronous, semi-synchronous and asynchronous replication as well NetApp’s award winning METROCLUSTER solution with site failover. SNAPMIRROR technology allows you to replicate Data and Server implementation and along with virtual server solutions from Microsoft and VmWare ensure the minimum of your downtime.
MTI will do the full study, analysis, design, implementation, process evaluation, and ongoing testing of your DRP environment. Our customer’s stories and successes in the field speak for themselves.