Data Protection & Recovery
In IT to backup your data and settings is considered as being the number one most important task, second being the security of the network.
Without backing up your data, you are prone for disaster. Data loss occurs many times because of hardware failures, software errors, accidental deletes, malicious acts, natural disasters , and terror attacks. Not backing up your data is not an option.
Backing up your data is something that happened in the past, is a big topic today and will become even bigger in the future as data increases and so do backup windows.
MTI provides the full solution of backup to it’s customers and also to customers that are using a different vendor for their storage needs.
MTI separates the backup process in different distinctive areas and products :
Backup at the source :
This process is reserved for the customers that are using NetApp as their main storage solution whereby by utilizing NetApp’s Snapmanagers Suite they are able to take multiple backup versions of their data on the same set of disks they are using for production or a different set of disks. Then the customer can move the data to another type of media. Restore on the site in seconds is also possible for this technology.
Backup from the source :
This process can be utilized also with NetApp systems and in conjunction with the Snapmanager suite , and is a necessity on non NetApp environments. In this solution MTI utilizes the software pack Bakbone Netvault from QUEST Software, which is one of the worlds most advanced solutions for sophisticated backup of data. Netvault has all of the APMs and add-ons to backup different types of Data and Operating systems as well as different ways to restore, de-duplicate data, use different type of media , which is by the way our next topic.
Type of media to backup to :
Deciding how and when to backup is important, however equally important is the media that your backup will eventually reach. This depends on the type of data and the backup window that you wish to have. Data can reach traditional tape drives and libraries and data can also reach flash disks and normal hard isks and well as Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL’s). MTI provides solutions for all types of media with by partnering with Spectralogic inc for Libraries, NetApp for disk based backup and IBM for the VTL technology.
MTI will study, design, implement and support your backup solution or any of the components that comprise of your backup solution. MTI has implemented and is supporting some of the largest backup environments in the greek market.