Data Archive Systems & Data protection
If DRP and Backup are one and two, archiving is definitely three.
Data is an ever increasing most important asset for companies. Thus, more and more data is kept on line as time passes. This results in enormous data sizes of which usually only 5-6% is processed or accessed on a daily basis. The rest of the data sits idle or is never accessed or used for years.
Companies tend to use their multi-million euros SAN systems to store all of the data, while these are not being accessed.
The solution is HSM and archiving:
What about a set of software packs that can identify when and who uses data and place tags, move data to offline tape of slow disk and get them back in a snap when you need them ?
MTI Provides the archiving solutions based on the technology from ATEMPO, NetApp and Spectralogic.
Archiving solutions provided by MTI are mainly on the files and e-mail type of data.