At MTI systems we offer a premier standard of consultancy services in all areas of virtualization mainly with VMWARE and Microsoft platforms . Our approach is based on extensive experience in delivering the very best solutions designed to meet the business and operational requirements of any organization.

Any engagement with a customer begins with a two way dialogue to assess the needs that are to be addressed by any solution. Only once agreement on the areas to be targeted has been achieved can we begin to offer our impartial advice on the correct methodologies to be followed to achieve the desired result. Our experience has shown to us and to our customers that the first step of any proposed solution is crucial to ensuring that projects can be relied on to deliver the benefits that were originally sought.
We have formalized this approach to offer two levels of consultative review that provide customers with strategies that are tailored to their individual needs and requirements to ensure that the benefits of virtualization are actually delivered.
Virtualization is a dynamic and agile response to not only meeting the immediate or known needs and requirements but also one that provides scalability and flexibility that isn’t available via other current technologies.
Virtualization does however require experienced and knowledgeable professionals to combine the correct combination of technologies to deliver coherent strategies on which businesses can base their information systems.
Our services include:
Virtualization Design & Implementation Services
  • Virtualization of existing physical infrastructure
  • Storage and network redesign and implementation
  • Storage interface consolidation