Virtualization - Cloud Computing

MTI has done serious investment in providing solutions to end user customers for Cloud services, by designing and implementing a full scale Cloud Management , Orchestration and Chargeback solution based on former Cloupia, now CISCO Unified Computing Manager that controls a unified solution from CISCO,  VMWARE and NetApp the so called ‘FLEXPOD’.

FlexPod provides simplicity and choice through validated and supported management solutions from NetApp and Cisco.

You can manage your FlexPod® platform using best-in-class element managers, solutions from validated partners, or your virtualization management console.

Element Management with NetApp OnCommand and Cisco UCS Manager

NetApp® OnCommand® management software and Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) Manager tools help you optimize your multivendor environment. OnCommand software controls and automates your data storage infrastructure.

Cisco UCS Manager provides unified, embedded management of server and network components. You can manage hundreds of resources for thousands of virtual machines.

Virtualization Integration 
Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus® and NetApp FAS devices integrate with leading virtualization software packages to provide efficient single-pane-of-glass management of the FlexPod infrastructure.

Enterprise Cloud Journey The cloud is closer than you think !!

Today’s enterprises are transitioning into clouds to reduce cost and increase business agility. Yet some enterprises are holding back or wondering how to leverage economic and practical advantages of clouds such as rapid provisioning, on-demand elasticity and automation without compromising their security, reliability and governance. There is a need for more flexible, service-centric and agile IT organization to dynamically shift the allocation of infrastructure resources in response to business needs. By increasing the automation to provision and manage the applications in the data center and clouds, organizations can drastically reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Enterprises want and expect security as part of any cloud solution especially policy control, auditing, visibility and multi-tenant secure controls. Without appropriate policies and tools, enterprises slow virtualization to avoid losing control. These enterprises are looking for a management tool to provide the automation, governance, and control that allows companies to go beyond initial virtualization plans. Let us take a look at some of the key challenges and business drivers to move to the clouds and demonstrate how Cloupia will make this transition swift and secure. Virtualization & Cloud Challenges Business Opportunities /Drivers Visibility: Visibility into resource utilization, server sprawls and group’s usage of shared resource pools. Security: Isolation and separation required for multi-tenancy. Need robust security with organizational role based management and policy framework. Multiple technologies/vendors: Administrative overhead & higher learning curve due to multi-vendor solutions Manual Processes: Lack of automated provisioning, lifecycle management and repurposing capabilities compromises the value of virtualization and cannot scale the virtual environments Reduced costs: Improves resource utilization by dynamically allocating resources, reclaiming inactive resources and by deferring infrastructure resource purchasing costs Improved time to market: Accelerates service delivery while lowering operational costs with end-to-end automation Improved productivity: Automates tedious and time-consuming tasks such as configuration, setups, provisioning, capacity modeling and real-time performance management IT agility:

Respond faster to the needs of the business by offering high service levels and IT process automation

How can we fully utilize the IT infrastructure? How can we improve time to market? How do I get visibility into resource utilization and costs? How scalable and flexible is my data center to respond to business needs? What about disaster recovery of critical infrastructure? How do I leverage virtualization and cloud technologies? How can I meet governance and compliance requirements? How can I ensure vital resources are allocated for business critical applications? What can I do about server sprawl to control costs? How can I setup, automate and enforce governance and provisioning policies? How can I forecast & plan infrastructure capacity? How can I continuously monitor capacity and events? How can I automate repetitive tasks - system provisioning and configuration? How do I get complete visibility with monitoring and reporting tools? How can I get automated alerts?

Why Cloupia?

Depth:                             Comprehensive private cloud solution

Extensible:                       Multi-hypervisor & multi-cloud support

Time to Value:                 Low foot print, lower cost of acquisition & implementation

Enterprise Ready:            Enterprise systems integration – LDAP, CMDB…

Low Operations Cost:     Highly automated capacity & operational management


  • ·         Increases Resource Utilization Reduces Deployment Time
  • ·         Improves Server to Admin Ratio
  • ·         Improves Service Levels
  • ·         Improves VM density
  • ·         Reduces VM sprawl
  • ·         Improves storage efficiency

The Cloud Journey from Ground Zero

Organizations continue to drive toward the clouds via data center transformation starting with physical infrastructure consolidation and virtualization. Organizations can add self-service, automated provisioning and resource accounting of IT services on top of this foundation to create a dynamic infrastructure.

Cloupia’s enterprise cloud solutions allow organizations to leverage existing IT investments by transforming current static and virtual infrastructure to private clouds, and then adding public clouds over time, so organizations are not forced to abandon existing capital investments. Cloupia provides simple and integrated cloud solution – Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller (CUIC) to automate and manage both physical and virtual environments. Cloupia provides flexible licensing controls and components to help customers with evolutionary cloud adoption.

Infrastructure Management: Today’s data center capacity planning and dynamic workload provisioning requires integrated monitoring and management of both physical and virtual environments. Cloupia provides discovery, monitoring, provisioning and lifecycle management of physical infrastructure such as Cisco UCS, NetApp Storage and Cisco physical networks.

Virtualization: When managed properly, the use of a virtual infrastructure can help reduce costs, simplify administration, and better align IT with the business needs. Organizations need complete set of virtualization management capabilities to realize all of virtualization potential benefits. Cloupia provides end-to-end virtualization management capabilities such as auto-discovery, monitoring, provisioning and lifecycle management.

Private Clouds: Private clouds enable organizations to maximize the existing infrastructure investments and take advantage of cloud benefits without compromising the security and internal policies. The private clouds can make internal enterprise data centers run as efficient as public clouds. Cloupia provides comprehensive private cloud automation and management solution with capabilities such as self-service portal, service catalog, chargeback and multi-tenant security.

Hybrid Clouds: It is possible to use multiple public cloud providers along with internal private clouds for scenarios like disaster recovery and cloud bursting. Cloupia provides necessary security and policy controls, federated management framework and single pane of glass to manage and orchestrate hybrid clouds.

The Building Blocks of Clouds Self-service Portal CUIC Self-service portal provides service catalog, self-service provisioning, self-service dashboard and management to create, deploy and reconfigure servers and applications in minutes. Automated Provisioning CUIC automated adaptive provisioning considers current capacity information, internal policies and application workload requirements to provision the right resources for application optimum performance. Multi-tenant Security CUIC provides robust security with organizational role based access control and policy management. It also provides deep network management for required segmentation at both physical and virtual layer. Measured Service CUIC provides in-depth information about capacity and cost metrics to help customers make smarter decisions during budgeting, and capacity forecasting analysis. Life cycle Management CUIC provides unified interface to discover, provision, manage, view and optimize physical and virtual resources - compute, storage and networking across private and public clouds. Cloud Orchestration CUIC provides easy to use workflow UI designer to create, automate and execute physical & virtual infrastructure administration, configuration and provisioning scenarios.


  • ·         Private Clouds
  • ·         Hybrid Clouds
  • ·         Data center automation
  • ·         Self-service IT
  • ·         Dev/Test Rapid Provisioning
  • ·         Cisco UCS Management
  • ·         Cloud Operations
  • ·         Cloud in a Box


  • ·         Comprehensive private cloud solution
  • ·         End-to-end VI management
  • ·         Continuous capacity monitoring
  • ·         Multi-tenant Security
  • ·         Multi-cloud support
  • ·         Multi-hypervisor support
  • ·         Physical Infrastructure management
  • ·         Hybrid cloud orchestration
  • ·         Workflow UI designer
  • ·         In-depth reporting
  • ·         Cloud Analytics

About Cloupia :

Cloupia, a cloud automation and management software provider, offers suite of cloud computing products and solutions to power the next generation dynamic data centers. Cloupia helps organizations to smoothly evolve from static data center or virtual environments to private and public cloud environments with the necessary tools and automation. With Cloupia solutions, organizations achieve faster service delivery, operational efficiencies, service-centric IT management and data center automation capabilities. Cloupia corporate headquarters is based in Santa Clara, California.

Cisco UCS Director: Unified Management

Cisco UCS Director delivers unified management for industry-leading shared infrastructure solutions based on Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus fabric. Cisco UCS Director complements shared infrastructure solutions with unified management and centralized automation and orchestration to deliver increased IT efficiency and reductions in total cost of ownership.