High Performance SAN Storage

NetApp High Performance Computing solutions offer multi-GB/s performance for petabyte-scale, data-intensive applications.

Designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce data center footprint, and maintain high availability, the performance-efficient NetApp® E-Series storage system meets demanding performance and capacity requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency.

ES_logo.png title: The E5500 is equally adept at supporting high-IOPS mixed workloads and databases, high-performance file systems, and bandwidth-intensive streaming applications. NetApp's patent-pending Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) simplifies traditional RAID management by distributing data parity information and spare capacity across a pool of drives.

The modular flexibility of the E-Series—with three disk drive/controller shelves, multiple drive types, and a complete selection of interfaces—enables custom configurations optimized and able to scale as needed. The maximum storage density of the E5500 reduces rack space by up to 60%, power use by up to 40%, and cooling requirements by up to 39%.

Backed by NetApp's 20+ years of storage-development experience and more than 650,000 systems in the field, the E-Series systems provide a field-proven architecture with high reliability and 99.999% availability.

Enterprise Flash Storage

Flash-based storage improves I/O performance and efficiency for many applications, including database acceleration, server and desktop virtualization, and cloud infrastructure. NetApp® end-to-end flash options—both hybrid flash/HDD systems and all-flash arrays—optimize enterprise storage for application-specific and shared storage environments.

Our flash-based solutions help you:

  • Speed overall IT performance.
  • Boost responsiveness of performance-critical applications.
  • Reduce power costs and overprovisioning.
  • Use more high-capacity, low-cost SATA drives.
  • Improve utilization of your data center space.

NetApp's out-of-the-box deployment protects existing IT investments: Achieve your flash-based goals without changing your IT infrastructure management processes. Rely on NetApp's proven, trusted enterprise-class reliability.

NetApp integrates flash technology across all our FAS, FlexArray, EF, and E-Series storage platforms, optimized to leverage each platform's strengths, and we also offer dedicated all-flash arrays.

Unified Storage

NetApp creates innovative products—storage systems and software that help customers around the world store, manage, protect, and retain one of their most precious corporate assets: their data. We are recognized throughout the industry for continually pushing the limits of today’s technology so that our customers never have to choose between saving money and acquiring the capabilities they need to be successful.

We always find ways to enable our customers to do things they couldn’t do before at a speed they never thought possible. We partner with industry leaders to create the most efficient and cost-effective solutions optimized for their IT needs, and to deliver and support them worldwide. With our technologies, our customers are able to:

  • Reduce their data center footprint by 50%
  • Boost storage utilization by 200% and storage system performance by up to 400%
  • Achieve up to 166% ROI as a result of data center transformation

We provide expert services and global support to maximize the value customers derive from our products and to keep our systems up and running. From our respected leaders to our global teams of employees and partners, we are united in one goal: helping our customers succeed.Our operational philosophy and culture are defined by our model-company vision: to deliver the best possible results for the communities we serve by embracing and living a set of shared core values: Trust and Integrity, Leadership, Simplicity, Adaptability, Teamwork and Synergy, Go Beyond, Get Things Done.

We attract and retain the industry’s best people and partners. We have repeatedly earned a top spot on FORTUNE magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” in the United States as well as top spots on “Best Companies to Work For” lists in locations around the world. We are proud to hire the world’s most talented and committed employees, who work hard to help our customers, partners, employees, shareholders, and communities thrive.

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