MTI’s history really begins in 1978 when Panayiotis E. Thomadakis a very successful IBM Greece Executive that took positions abroad as well, established one of Greece’s most successful and first Systems Integrator companies.
In 1995 there was a split of this company amongst it’s then shareholders, and the result was the birth of MTI Systems by Mr George Thomadakis with operations commencing in 1996 on the steps that were established by the older IT company were the Thomadakis Family was a shareholder and also managing the company.
On the steps , the customers and the experience gained by the original IT company , MTI continued to build on the success and experience and quality and innovation of services as well as the clients and experience , products and software that we had with us .
Upon its establishment in 1995, MTI had a number of enterprise customers and products that helped it establish itself and expand in the Greek and Regional Markets .
Today MTI is in its 17th year of operation, the company has more than 300 mid-size government and enterprise customers and is a leader in Greece in Data Management Solutions and a Pan European Leader in Ticketing and Admission Control. MTI Works in 9 different countries in the EMEA region.