MTI Systems is Greece’s premium local but global company for systems integration in the Storage and Data management field of IT. In the coming years storing, protecting, archiving and backing up your data is going to become an even more important, complicated and challenging task for companies, small to big, banks, institutes and government local and central . This is because data storing and digitization of our world is becoming an ever increasing subject with no visible slowdown in the future, on the contrary, all trends and studies show a tenfold increase in the next few years.

MTI Systems recognized this trend 12 years ago while running its 5th year of operations and decided to enter the brand new sub-industry within the IT Industry, that was just beginning to show up, the storage industry.

MTI has built it’s expertize around the systems and software of a handful of the Global companies that are the leaders of the industry and combines the solutions with the highest quality of services and advanced methodology that we have developed internally for Design, Project Scale out, Migrations, Management and Support.

Services Overview

In the beginning it was simply disks. Then it became the ‘’SAN’’.  Later we called it storage and now the idea is ’Unified Storage’.  

MTI provides the full solution of backup to it’s customers and also to customers that are using a different vendor for their storage needs.

MTI systems is the company of choice for comprehensive and integrated ticketing technology solutions for the attractions industry that enable our customers to enhance their operations, maximize revenue, and deliver an unsurpassed experience for their guests.