We at mti dont reinvent the wheel, and develop a ticketing system from scratch or build our own hardware. We work with proven and mature systems from intrenational companies that have been in the field for many years, have a large installation base and have been integrating features in their systems for decades.

We have developed the depth of expirience we need to identify your needs and meet them efficiantly by combining these systems and localizing them for the markets we serve. 

We work with you each step of the way to design your system to meet your facility's special needs.

Planning & Implementation

Because we know that sucess depends on careful planning, an implementation coordinator and project manager works with you to design in details the configuration of your system. Once completed and apporved we assemble , install and thoroughly test it. We provide on site training and once everyone is trained we perform a simulation run to give your team supervised practice.

Technicians and onsite for the first days of live operation to assist and ensure that all places of the system are performing to specifications.

We provide services in every country. 

OnGoing Support

Help desk and remote support is included in the cost of installation for the warranty period. Onsite support is also offered as an option. After the warranty period expires we offer a selection of Service Level Aggreemnts enabling you to choose the one the best suits your needs.