Who we are

MTI Systems is Greece’s premium local but global company for systems integration in the Storage and Data management field of IT. In the coming years storing, protecting, archiving and backing up your data is going to become an even more important, complicated and challenging task for companies, small to big, banks, institutes and government local and central . This is because data storing and digitization of our world is becoming an ever increasing subject with no visible slowdown in the future, on the contrary, all trends and studies show a tenfold increase in the next few years.

 MTI Systems recognized this trend 12 years ago while running its 5th year of operations and decided to enter the brand new sub-industry within  the IT Industry, that was just beginning to show up, the storage industry.
Customers and partners did not even know what we were talking about when we started, ‘’why a disk outside our servers?’’  they asked, now customers are calling for our expertise from everywhere in the region. At those times we only talked about storage. Now we are talking about Data Management and Virtualization as we need to cope with the ever increasing size of the Data Sets and the increasing needs for Information feed, as well as the complexity that arises from the sheer size of the current trends in data storing,  the need for fast provisioning, and our 24X7 functioning global economy.
MTI has built it’s expertize around the systems and software of a handful of the Global companies that are the leaders of the industry and combines the solutions with the highest quality of services and advanced methodology that we have developed internally for Design, Project Scale out, Migrations, Management and Support.
We specialize in Disaster Recovery as we have done more than 35 projects in Greece and abroad more that all of the rest companies in Greece combined all together, and we also support some of the largest backup environments in Greece .
 This commitment to the storage or as our management calls  ‘’Data’’ industry has brought us in a leadership position in the local market, with significant presence also within the region of Eastern Med, Balkans and nearby markets were our expertise is needed and appreciated .  Also, as the solutions we provide are Enterprise , our stability and commitment to the vendors we work with has made us be the best at what we do.
Our expertise in Data management is also combined with our ability to perform analysis, installation and support of Virtual Server environments and combined with our Virtual Storage solution, help customers move to the Private or Public Cloud computing .
Our company is additionally providing high level Microsoft product implementations and training as our engineers possess the highest levels of Certifications from Microsoft and support services to large customers for their Server – Storage – IP and System software infrastructure .
Last but to least MTI is the leader in Ticketing and Admission Control Systems to the attractions industries (museums, themeparks, cultural sites, waterparks etc). We have done the biggest percentage of the projects in Greece and have undertaken projects all over Europe. We provide a turnkey solution that includes everything from the Application and Customization to the running of the venue and to the tickets media to hardware, networks, computer rooms,  turnstiles.
 MTI is in an industry that is ever adapting more that any other : Technology. We also adapt to the needs, challenges and trends of the industry while maintaining our no1 moto which is ‘’Serve the customer best’’
 MTI has the highest ISO-9001-2008 Certification for the design , support and implementation of IT Systems and has had this since 2004. 
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