Its all about managing your data

In the beginning it was simply disks. Then it became the ‘’SAN’’. Later we called it storage and now the idea is ’Unified Storage’ . The reality is : who cares about the hardware and the connectivity, be it FC, ISCSI, CIFS/NFS (NAS) or FCoE. It really doesn’t matter. All the customers care about is how to store, protect, backup, archive, categorize and search their data. What type of disks, and what type of connectivity the servers have with the storage, is becoming irrelevant in the Virtualized and Clouded world of IT.

This is exactly what MTI believes, that customers care for the management of their data, their challenges and concerns are the backup windows, restore time , security, compliance, development and cloning of data, disaster recovery, archiving.

MTI has chosen the best vendors worldwide in software and hardware and has combined them with our ISO certified award winning services, to ensure our customers success.